algorithmic market making and liquidity provision platform

Yield enhancing technologies for trading financial and digital products

Run customised strategies that are unconflicted, high return and low risk

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Pure-play, modular technology solution with end-to-end platform:

Institutional-grade algorithmic pricing, powerful risk management system, order management system, smart hedging, smart order routing, execution, trade reconciliation, data analytics, reporting, alerts and more.


Directly connected into multiple exchanges, trading venues and liquidity sources, handling latency and volume directly through the platform. Vidarr can operate any data set and produce a competitive price stream on that product or derivative.

Use cases for:

  • Agency brokers
  • Principal brokers
  • Prime broker
  • Banks
  • Retail and institutional trading platforms
  • Exchanges
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Asset managers
  • Funds
  • Neobanks

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